The Power of Visual Storytelling in Content Marketing


Storytelling in Content Marketing


How can Visual Storytelling help market a Business?

In this day and age, content marketing through Visual Storytelling has become a powerful tool to engage consumers.

No longer is it needed for a large dedicated design team to serve up quality dose of visual content marketing, as even a small marketing staff can easily capture photos using mobile devices, and post them via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and blogs in a matter of seconds.

How it works:

Visual storytelling allows you to promote your products without necessarily having to tell people about them.

Therefore, your prospects are able to decide for themselves without feeling pressured or sold. Through powerful visual storytelling, businesses are able to evoke emotions, thus, developing a deeper engagement with their audience.

Visual storytelling helps connect, inspire, and engage your brand with your audience better and faster than a simple text.

But what makes powerful Visuals?

Principles of Visual Storytelling

Recently, Getty Images and NewsCred collaborated to create a marketer’s guide to visual storytelling entitled,

“The Power of Visual Storytelling”

It outlined the four key principles that make a powerful visual—authenticity, achetype, sensory, and relevancy.


Because of the ever evolving platforms of media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, visual language today changes more rapidly than ever before. If you want to seem up-to-date, you have to keep up.

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How to succeed with Tumblr using these 10 steps.




With more than 228 million blogs and 106 billion posts, Tumblr is where people go to share their favourite content in a visual and community-oriented way. These expressive pieces of content aren’t just delightful. They are also downright desirable.

In fact, 90% of Tumblr users say they have been inspired to buy something that they found in their dashboard.*

In a increasingly crowded digital environment, this insight bears weight. But how to stand out? Below, you’ll learn 10 ways to boost your brand’s presence-and drive engagement with your products-on Tumblr.

Reinforce Your Brand Aesthetic

With Tumblr, you can customize your blog’s dashboard and theme, as well as its appearance in mobile apps and search results. Your mission: Create a consistent experience your brand aesthetic and online domain, streamlining the journey from your Tumblr page to your product site.

Build a Compelling Narrative

78% OF MILLENNIALS-TUMBLR’S CORE AUDIENCE-VALUE ‘EXPERIENCES’ OVER ‘THINGS’.* Mirror this sentiment by sharing content that explores your audience’s passions, tells meaningful stories and illustrates not only what an item is but rather why a person should care.

Positivity, Humor, Creativity & Transparency

These four attributes are what Tumblr refers to as the “strongest connection points” for its users. Keep them top of mind when building out your Tumblr strategy. Your content (text, image, theme and so on) should reflect these core attributes.

Analyze patterns & Trends

Tumblr interactions are rife with intent. By measuring which product photos are generating the most engagement, you can gain a deep understanding of which image characteristics drive action. In addition to analyzing your owned content, tools like Curalate can help identify which products are trending organically. Leverage this.

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Learn How To Trade Stock & Profit in the Market Constantly

Best Way To Invest Money


This is an ETF Cheat Sheet that displays leveraged ETF’s and their respective categories. This infographic should help many traders, especially those who engage in ETF trading and/or investing.

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Each session will have a LIVE Q&A portion for each student to fully understand the material. After this course, students will understand how the stock market really works.

Students can implement our profitable day trading strategies to make money regardless if the stock market is UP AND DOWN!

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How to automate your Marketing Revolution – Infographics

Marketing Evolution Automation

Marketing Evolution Automation

Adoption of marketing automation platforms continues to rise, but there’s still room to grow for both the technology and its users.

Revenues of B2B marketing automation systems increased a whopping 60% to $1200 million in 2014, compared to a 50% increase in 2013.

If you look at the market share, at almost 50% market share, Hubspot leads the charge when you look at the no. of companies using the MAP. But at the same time, Eloquia is at the top when you break it down by the revenue enabled by each platform.

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Holidays that Americans Love to Celebrate



They also provide great opportunities for traveling and vacations. In the United States, they have listed several federal holidays, but this infographic research will break down the ones that Americans love to celebrate the most along with some interesting facts and statistics. The U.S. has listed about 10 federal holidays and each one of them holds a certain purpose for celebration and coming together although some are loved by people more than others. These holidays were either listed to celebrate a certain person, event and occasion. Besides the 10 federal holidays, there are also holidays which can be exclusive to certain states only as they can choose whichever holiday they can observe. In the U.S., holidays are often observed or celebrated on days that provide the most convenience. Most of the time, they are connected with the weekend so you would seldom see holidays celebrated in the middle of the week.

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Which International Car Brands do well in Social Media



The Best Car Brands on Social Media:

The most famous Car brands are BMW, Jaguar, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Mini, Porsche, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet and Ferrari.

Facebook Fans:

Here I listed the number of Facebook fans for these top 10 popular Car brands.

BMW – 18,629,098 likes
Jaguar – 6,660,043 likes
Nissan – 12,441,535 likes
Mercedes Benz – 18,508,819 likes
Lamborghini – 11,444,687 likes
Mini – 10,328,098 likes
Porsche – 9,691,678 likes
Audi – 9,010,300 likes
Ford – 8,067,509 likes
Ferrari – 15,986,448 likes

Twitter Followers:

This is the list for top 10 Car brand Twitter followers.

Audi – 1231819
Tesla – 578926
Porsche – 975428
Ferrari – 1045051
Aston Martin – 736036
Ford – 714295
Honda – 608801
Chevrolet – 691981
Jeep – 582077
Lamborghini – 1017126

You Tube Subscribers:

Audi – 447,061
Cadillac – 90,731
Mercedes Benz – 191,311
BMW – 446,532
Ferrari – 217,839
Lamborghini -169,467
Aston Martin – 58,898
Chevrolet – 324,342
Jeep – 46,259
Porsche – 241,644

Instagram Followers:

BMW – 2.6 Million
Ferrari – 1.9 Million
Mercedes Benz – 2.1 Million
Audi – 1.9 Million
Porsche – 803K
Lamborghini – 755k
Ford – 414k
Maserati – 413k
Jaguar – 361k
Bugatti – 309k

This is the Social Media followers rate for these best Car Brands.

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My Little Pony: Generations and Fandom



This infographic research will be centered on the history of My Little Pony and some interesting facts that people might not know about them. Although it was created in 1982, its copyright was first finalized in 1983, which is why it is often considered by Hasbro as the year it was created. My Little Pony has been incarnated so many times that they had to be classified into “generations,” which is often based on the toy line. All in all, the whole franchise is a history revolving around friendship and the sweet lovable ponies that little girls have come to know.

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How to learn your Grammar from Pop Culture


To start with let’s consider a noun. A noun can be a person, a place, a thing or an idea. Now let’s relate this with he well known Jedi Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker : A person

Tatootine : A place

Destiny : An idea.

There are certain varieties of noun like

Common Noun : Refers to people or things in General

Proper Noun : Refers to specific people or things

Popchart Lab has come out with an educational Infographics which teaches Grammar in a joyful manner.

Here is the Infographics



Parts of Speech Infographics

Parts of Speech Infographics






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Is That Email Fake or Not?

Is That Email Fake or Not?


Unsolicited email is sometimes for genuine commercial purposes, from lazy marketers but more likely to be advertisements for fraudulent products and get-rich-quick schemes.

For every 5 million messages, 72% are spam mails. It is mostly sent via computers that are infected by computer viruses. Spam mail often contains attachments. Remember, if in doubt, throw it out – it’s much less hassle than having to get your computer disinfected due to a moment’s curiosity.

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