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Staying Healthy and Fit – How to Live Longer

April 15, 2015

+1   With regular exercise, a few of which includes going for a power walk. It’s a lot less strenuous than running, and keeping at a brisk pace at moderate intensity can burn the same amount of calories as jogging. Taking up yoga is another one. Relax your mind, body, and soul by taking up yoga [...]


Real Estate investing

April 8, 2015

+1   HomeUnion is the leading provider of single family investment properties. We make it easier than ever to invest in fully managed single family real estate in markets across the U.S by ensuring the process is transparent, and completely hands-free. Our technology-driven Asset Management Services are a key part of streamlining the investment process, ensuring [...]

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Online Medical Marketing: Critical Strategy for Healthcare Facilities

April 7, 2015

+1   No matter the attractiveness of the site, you will get the desired amount of traffic without SEO. The backbone of a medical website is information and high quality content because it what users look for. It is also important to identify the keywords that users will use when they search for the site online. [...]

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ER vs. Doctors Express

April 7, 2015

+1   This is an infographic on facts and statistics regarding ER and Doctors Express and why you should choose urgent care like Doctors Express. Urgent care centers like Doctors Express operate beyond the typical office hours and their scope of services is broader than that of many primary care offices. The characteristics of urgent care [...]

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Eye Health Facts about Cataracts and How to Treat It

April 7, 2015

+1   As people grow older, they experience many different changes in their bodies. The thinning and graying of hair, the loosening of muscles, the wrinkling of the skin, these are all the inevitable changes that the human body will undergo as they grow older. But definitely one of the most significant changes that a person [...]

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Hard Drive Failure – Statistics, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

April 3, 2015

+1   Hardware experiences all kinds of unfavorable situations from power and Internet connection failure to problems concerning the motherboard and various components. But among all of these, hard drive failure is considered as the most common problem that hardware can experience. Hard drive failure is a physical failure wherein the hard drive itself malfunctions and [...]


Could You Survive Alcatraz?

April 3, 2015

+2   Out of all Federal prisons in the U.S., Alcatraz is the most well known. Although it was only in operation for 29 years and closed down in 1963, it is still a place that fascinates people worldwide. Perhaps it’s all because it was home to the most dangerous criminals or the fact that it [...]

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Serviced Virtual Office – Doing Business in Hong Kong the Efficient Way

April 1, 2015

+1   The fact that Hong Kong does not require a business physical address or physical presence in the country to put up a business, serviced virtual office becomes an ideal option. There are many service providers offering serviced virtual office in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia like It is the cheaper option [...]

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The Wedding Ring Buying Process: Choosing the Perfect Ring

April 1, 2015

+1   One of the most difficult parts of choosing a ring for your fiancée is knowing her ring size. You also need to figure out whether she wants vintage or modern trendy styles. Choosing a ring that is true to her style means you understand her uniqueness and that she will feel comfortable wearing the [...]


ECOnomic Benefits of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme

March 31, 2015

+1   Using information from Ofgem and the UK Government we take you through several reasons why installing the latest eco-friendly technologies in your home can help you lower your household bills. Utilising technologies such as solar panels can help you benefit financially (from the feed-in tariff scheme) while also helping to secure a brighter future [...]

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