TV and movie costumes for Halloween

Trick or Treat: Facts on TV and Movie Halloween Costumes

July 28, 2014

+1   Halloween costumes have been more creative through the years with inspirations coming from many sources such as TV shows and movies. TV and movie themed costumes are usually inspired by what’s currently popular in the tube or the screen. The resurgence of zombie films and vampire flicks has led to many people dressing up [...]


The Guide to Buying Happy Online

July 19, 2014

+1   Everyday millions of people around the world spend time and money shopping online, 370 million hours and $1.5 trillion respectively, more often than not they’re leaving money on the table. In fact, 80% population who shop online overpay 19% on average per transaction. This is shocking since when asked what their top motivational factor [...]


Louisiana- Where Anything Can Happen

July 19, 2014

+1   It’s important for Louisiana homeowners to take preventative measures against home burglaries. Louisiana is currently the fifth highest state with property crimes in the nation. Each year, there are about 163,000 reported incidents…which translates to a one in 28 chance of becoming a future victim. ADT Louisiana Security provides 24/7 home monitoring protection. When [...]

Mark Coughlan-Infographics

Paint or Wallpaper: Choosing the Right One

July 10, 2014

+1   There are two main types of paint, namely gloss and emulsion. However, many of the paints available today are hybrids of the two. Generally speaking, gloss is more hard-wearing than emulsion. The location and nature of the surface you wish to paint will have a bearing on your choice. Bricks on an exterior wall [...]

Ugly Christmas Sweater-Infographics

Summer Santa: Facts about Christmas in July

July 10, 2014

+1   Christmas in July is now one of the most celebrated time of the year due to it peculiarity and inventiveness. This infographic contains some information and history about the event. Christmas in July (also known as Yulefest or Yuletide) is an event that is celebrated in Australia and other countries in the Southern hemisphere. [...]


The Sweet Dirty Truth: Stevia vs. Aspartame

July 10, 2014

+1   In the past 13 years, the number of Americans consuming products containing sugar-free sweeteners has grown from 70 million to an astounding 160 million. And this number continues to rise. Stevia and Aspartame are two of the most widely discussed substitutes, but for very different reasons. Source :


How Fast Web Hosting Has Changed

July 9, 2014

+1   An info-graphic showing the speed in which web hosting has changed since 1995 to 2011 in both price and reliability. Source :

Yellow Jersey-Infographics

Tour De France Infographic 2014

July 7, 2014

+1   This is a comprehensive infographics on Tour de France. It basically says everything about the event from it’s history and what does the term The Prestigious Yellow Jersey means. Source :


Footloose and Car Free! How Biking Can Improve Your Health and the Environment

July 4, 2014

+1   A lot of American adults like the perk of buying a car, as they pull out of their garage, they overlook single method of transportation which might extremely well serve as not only an choice method of transportation, but also a solution to a strong living. Source :

James Clark-Infographics

Keeping the Warmth Alive: Facts on Boiler Efficiency and Servicing

June 30, 2014

+1   This affects the household directly and financially. It causes discomfort and unwanted costs that will put pressure to the household. In order to help save money, it is important to choose a boiler with high efficiency and keep it serviced regularly. This infographic contains important information about boiler efficiency. It also talks about the [...]

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