Seasonal & Holiday Packaging: Does it Really Work?


Is seasonal packaging really worth the investment?

Seasonal Not Holiday

Hershey’s learned to extend the shelf life of their seasonal candy past Halloween by using fall themes & colors instead of ghosts & witches.

Don’t Over- Estimate Demand

In 2011, Hershey’s overestimated demand for Halloween packaging & hurt their profit margins when forced to sharply discount leftover product. (Dow Jones)

Coke pulled its seasonal white can 2 months early in 2011 due to customer complaints that the white cans looked too much like Diet Coke.

The weather is getting cold and it’s that time of year. Since early October, the shelves at local grocery stores have been stocked with food, drinks and everyday household items covered in packaging featuring the colors and themes of the season. Designing special packaging has become an important part of the holiday season for big brands over the past few years, but is designing and producing seasonal packaging really a worthwhile endeavor for your small business? Find out with the infographic below!

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6 Productivity Hacks Backed by Science – Infographics


CourseFinder brings you the ultimate guide to productivity with their collection of six hacks backed by science. The infographic shows no-fail methods to boost your performance at your workplace and work more efficiently. Don’t wait any longer to learn more and improve your efficiency.

How often do you listen to music at work? Do you take breaks? Do you let the stress get to you? There are many factors that impair our productivity during a busy day at the office. The key is to work out your own strategies to release the pressure and take your mind off of stress-inducing assignments. Working out regularly can improve not only your physical health but also boost cognitive skills. It is, therefore, one of the proven ways to raise productivity at work. And what about multitasking? Although you may appear extra proactive when multitasking, your brain does not feel the same way. Science proves that productivity actually falls down significantly when you are trying to do several things at once. If you have a lot on your mind, try googling baby animals first, as recommended by Japanese scientists.

If you feel like you could use more help in the productivity department check out the infographic below.

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Is It Really Free? – Infographics


We are one of the most popular UK free stuff site and we offer hundreds of freebies. We get a lot of messages from people who are a bit skeptical of getting freebies from us as they do not believe if we actually do offer freebies.

Our info infographics contains steps to take to ensure that what you are applying for on our site is actually free and we take many steps and research to find genuine freebies and not the type of freebies where they tend to spam your inbox.

How To Try Free Products

Often different brands provide particular “Try Me Free” products which are available with full money back guarantee if you are not content. It involves everything from cat litter to ice cream. The thought behind such offers is that you buy the product and give it a try and in case you are not 100% content with the product you can present them with a claim to be refunded fully. Sometimes, you will also be asked to give the product back.

To guarantee that you have discovered one of the promotional products, scan the packaging thoroughly, you will be able to see “Try Me Free” written on it.

Generally it will not always be money refund that you get but few brands also give out the refund in stamps. Go through the terms and conditions before you buy a product. You will be able to locate these stamps on the packaging itself. The validity of the promotion would be particular and often limited so ensure that you check the final date for lodging claims too.

In case you are purchasing a few Try Me Free items simultaneously, ensure that you get them billed separately and obtain individual receipts. On several occasi ons, you will be requested to return the product back to the store to get your refund. Sometimes, you will be asked to return the product through post. In the second scenario, you may be liable to take care of the postage fee.

You can get your refund anytime within the time frame of four days till two months, It is not easy to give a particular time window as it will vary with different brands.

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Key Events of the Financial World – Infographics


This infographic is created by IFC Markets, it aims to show the development of financial markets step by step. The infographic provides information about the emergence of the first stock exchange, which was established in Brugge, Flanders in the territory in modern Belgium, the oldest stock exchange which is located in Amsterdam and operates till now, it is considered to be the place, where all modern trading methods with securities were tested, including futures, options forwards and so on. It also refers to the establishment of the first specialized stock exchange in England (it is worth to mention that the main securities traded in the 18th century by exchange agents were not stocks or bonds, but bills) and the birth of NYSE that took place in 1972, when Buttonwood Agreement was signed. It will also help you learn about the beginning of currency trading, the first “Contracts For Difference” that appeared in Great Britain in the early 1980s, as well as the emergence of Internet trading and its huge popularization in the mid of 1990, the introduction of Euro and financial crisis. The infographic also gives you a chance of exploring the opportunities of creating your own personal trading instruments.

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Capes – When you Feel like being a Superhero – Infographics


The word cape is derived from the Latin word cappa which means a hooded cloak or long garment. The cape is also related to the chaperon which is a complex piece of medieval headgear that started as a cape and evolved into something else. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment designed to fasten at the throat and fall down the back of the wearer. It is traditionally worn by men so that the term is often used for men acting as escort to an unmarried woman.

Unlike the cloak that is full-length, the cape is shorter in length and falls partially down the back. When the cape is intended for fashion, it is frequently made from luxurious material. The basic design of a cape is rather simple and could even be made by people with limited sewing skills.

In popular culture, the cape is closely associated to superheroes although the reason for the link between the cape and superheroes is somewhat unclear. If you need a cape for a costume, you can easily access one online so that you can be a superhero like Thor. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the perfect size that will suit your body type, however, your superhero cape can be customized to an exact fit at site.

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Mobile App Builder Integration – Infographics


Explore how you can boost the productivity of your business by integrating your mobile app builder solution with multiple shopping platforms via API2Cart.

Mobile app building systems help shop owners create mobile stores so that they could sell their products with the help of gadgets and various apps. In order to be able to establish connections between their clients’ shops and their mobile versions, such service providers need to integrate with shopping carts. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do.

Why Integrate with shopping carts?

  • Bigger market share
  • Expanded range of technical capabilities
  • 1 min+ store owners
  • Retrieve the store data necessary
  • All as your potential customers
  • From the shopping cart needed
  • Synchronize it within your system
  • Applicable results
  • Use the new functionality to enhance your business
  • Run new features
  • Get more clients


  1. Getting access to databases of different shopping carts
  2. Establishing connection between e-shops and mobile apps
  3. Store data retrieving and synchronizing
  4. Finding developers to write multiple integration modules
  5. Loss of time
  6. High expenditures

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20 Top Fun Facts About Shaving – Infographics


A lot of people (especially men) like to shave every day. It’s the modern era that put pressure on us to look “clean”. Of course some people like to keep their beards. However, even when they do, they still shave it regularly to get the beard style they want. Nowadays people believe shaving is just a routine but we don’t think the same. We believe shaving is an art because manliness is extremely important.

Here with this infographics we teach you 20 fun facts about shaving. It’s a bit random but at least it’s always interesting to increase your knowledge about hair growth and shaving-related activities. Do you know religious convictions are responsible for 7% of men who don’t shave at all? Do you know genes, race, stress level, and hormones all play very important role in hair growth? Do you know your skin will adapt to temperature, diet, and humidity which mean it can affect your shaving? Do you know averagely men will spend about 60 hours just to shave every year?

All of these facts are pointed out correctly by our infographic to help you increase your knowledge about hair growth, shaving, and razors. It’s fun to learn about our body, isn’t it?

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2014: Year of the Mega Data Breach – Infographics

mega data breach

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard about all the data breaches that have been happening lately, you might have even been a victim of one of these data breaches. Data breaches are becoming more and more common. This infographic takes a look at the five biggest mega data breaches of 2014. Discover the cost associated with these data breaches, and how many people and businesses were affected. We explore the aftermath of these data breaches and how much the average one costs, the number one cause, and the biggest impact data breaches had on companies.

Data breaches affect millions of people each year. Governments, negligent insiders, or hackers, typically carry out data breaches, or data leaks. The hackers behind these data breaches are after one thing: your personal information. Stolen information, includes usernames, passwords, addresses, medical data, credit cards, social security numbers, and a whole host of other information. Even well-known brands with top-notch security can fall victim to data breaches. According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, companies who have experienced data breaches often lose more than the leaked data.

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Hottest Sectors for Venture Capital in India in 2015 – Infographics

venture capital india


This Years Red Hot Verticals in India

Here’s the category-wise breakup of venture capital deals and funding in India for the first three quarters of 2015:

Internet businesses had 410 deals worth US $3 billion in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola

Mobile Start-Ups had 163 deals worth US $2.2 billion in the first three quarters of 2015
Top Rounds: Little, Dailyhunt

Enter-prise Tech had 24 deals worth US $382.6 million in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Ecom Express, Delhivery

Hi-Tech had 24 deals worth US $539.5 million in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Ather, Fracktal Works, Grey Orange

Ad Tech had 22 deals worth US $176.8 million in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Inmobi, Amagi, Vserv

Ed Tech had 32 deals worth US $65.1 million in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Simplilearn, UpGrad, Toppr

Saas had 83 deals worth US $435.1 million in the first three quarters of 2015.
Top Rounds: Freshdesk, Capillary, RateGain

Total funding for the first three quarters (January to September) of 2015 amounts to US $6.4b in the India Tech Space.

Note: Some of these are not discrete categories. For example, Internet businesses will overlap online marketplaces.

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