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Eureeca Crowdfunding Presents – Infographic on Making it Easy to invest in a Growing Business

January 6, 2015

+1   Crowd funding is the process of funding a project or a venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people typically through the internet. In the Middle East, there is a platform called Eureeca Crowdfunding that is helping startups from the region to raise funding from members of the public anywhere else [...]

Who is the World’s Best Football Player

January 5, 2015

+1   Lionel Messi has won the Golden Ball as the Best Player in the last FIFA championship 2014 although he showed signs of frustration and disappointment due to Argentina’s defeat to Germany in the finals. Cristiano Ronaldo was not at his best during the World Cup 2014 and although he had his moments, Portugal failed [...]

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The Top 10 Most Innovative Cities in the World 2014

December 18, 2014

+1   The criteria used in the selection process include (1) Education base – how many elite universities are feeding the job market, (2) Investor base – are funds available to fund innovative ideas, (3) Innovation track record – what innovations have made impact, (4) Exit track record – is the city providing ground for young [...]


Why They Fall #Infographic

December 15, 2014

+1   Falls can happen at any time, and there is a wide range of reason why it happens. Below are some of the reason on why falls happen and some solutions. Even with the correct precautions, the risk of falling will always be there. Luckily medical alert bracelets now have fall detection technology. If a [...]

Vanity Units-Infographics

Why a Bathroom Remodeling needs a Vanity Unit

December 12, 2014

+1   If you want easy-care for bathroom floors, go for porcelain or glazed tiles; if you want non slip floors, choose tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes or sand-containing glazes. If you are considering a half-bath, you can fit in a toilet and sink in an 11-square foot spot and still comply with National Building [...]


How safe is your identity?

December 12, 2014

+1   This is an infographic on identity fraud in The Netherlands, most importantly, focused on identification fraud, which happens in The Netherlands when people give a copy of their identity card which can be abused for all kind of illegal activities. 19% of the victims have no idea how ID fraudsters obtained their data. Source [...]

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London Cab Drivers – Quest for Knowledge

December 5, 2014

+1   Joining the elite ranks of London Cabbies is not a easy task. Find out the process behind it and how do they get in. Click on our infographic below to read just what London Black Taxi drivers go through to insure that they are up to the demands of the job. Source :

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National Security Agency Daily Data Collection Infographic

December 5, 2014

+1   Ever think about how much data the National Security Agency looks at daily? Well the numbers might shock you, cause its around 29 petabytes a day! To put that data amount in perspective, that is equaled to 6,469,937 DVDs or 3,801,088 8GB flash drives. This infographic will break down that data amount even more [...]

black friday-Infographics


December 3, 2014

+1   Getting good deals on Black Friday can be fun, but America’s biggest shopping day of the year can also be surprisingly dangerous. 9 people have died and around 100 people have been injured shopping in stores on Black Friday. Check out this infographic and find out more about these Black Friday casualties so you [...]


Walnut Creek’s Most Dangerous Intersections

November 21, 2014

+1   The infographic below compiles all of the accidents in Walnut Creek during 2013 as reported by the Walnut Creek Police Department. Our observations include: Ygnacio Valley (YV) Road and Main Street are closely matched for most dangerous road in Walnut Creek. Nearly 38% of all accidents in Walnut Creek occurred along one of these [...]

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